THE “TOWARD THE SUN” SOCIETY FOR THE DISABLED, established in 2007 in the Special Schools Complex No. 8 in Tychy, brings together parents, guardians, and therapists of the disabled persons, mostly mentally challenged. It is open to anyone who decides to assist disabled persons or whose relatives include such a person.

We started out supporting the pupils of our school and we continue to do so, but also do our best to remember the youngsters who graduate from the school - with a disabled person status and acquired professions – who need assistance most.

Our pupils, mostly mentally challenged persons, tend to be excluded from work force and pushed to the margin of the society owing to persistent stereotypes related to professional potential of such persons. Our activities are focused on making them active participants in the labour market.

The Society manages classes of the Disabled Persons Activity Club to boost resourcefulness, personal attitudes, and social awareness of our pupils. We run health rehabilitation programs: physiotherapy, hippotherapy, canine therapy. The Society has become involved in honing professional guardianship services offered to autistic persons and arranged for a professional training of a disabled persons assistant. Together with the Social Business Incubator we launched the idea of a social cooperative for the graduates of the Special Vocational School of the cook specialty and for some years arranged for the provision to the City Hall of catering services by the pupils.

Right now we focus on helping individual persons start professional careers and independent lives. We are very proud to see 4 our graduates, so far the largest such group, become employed in the Taste Gardens social cooperative.

Translation by Mariusz Cysewski


Stowarzyszenie W Strone Slonca
Edukacji 21, 43-100 Tychy, Poland
tel. +48 506199255
Bank account number PL 35 2490 0005 0000 4500 9573 1570